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"A House of Gold" liner notes

Minneapolis Star/Tribune, November 8, 2002:

The Middle Spunk Creek Boys have been playing bluegrass around the Twin Cities since 1968, and the group's time-bolstered versatility shows on its first all-gospel CD, "A House of Gold." Far more of a vocal workout than a string-pickers' fete, the disc accomplishes the sometimes difficult task of making Sunday-morning music sound as fun and energetic as Saturday-night fare.

Part of the revelry comes from the choice of material. Songs range from the Hank Williams-penned title track (obscure, as Hank tunes go) to traditionals such as "Over in the Glory Land." Some of the best are the ones the Boys picked from local bluegrass friends, including Ron Colby's harmonious "Preachin' to Myself" and Leo Rosenstein's rollicking "Alone With the Lord." Led by founding member Alan Jesperson and including longtime mandolin and fiddle player Bruce Jaeger, the foursome sings in duet, trio and quartet arrangements and overall sticks to an unconventional but no less holy path.

Chris Riemenschneider        2002 Minneapolis Star/Tribune

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