Cutting Edge to Nowhere

BMI 4027620 Copyright 1997 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "No One Else," 1999

I'm on the cutting edge to nowhere, I'm on the front page of the blues.
I've got my hands in empty pockets, I'm the bearer of bad news.
You ve prob'ly heard the rumor, my good gal's not around.
Now there's no use denying I'm the biggest fool in town.

I get a busy signal when I call her on the phone,
And I just can't believe that I'd be better off alone.
Don't tell me I'll get over her, my world is upside down.
I'm a three time loser and I let my deal go down.

She told me she was leaving, and her grip was packed to go.
Said, "See you later baby, I'm bound for old St Joe.
And let me tell you one thing, don't wait for me too long.
If you don't believe I'm leaving you can count the days I'm gone.

(Repeat Refrain)

So if you ever lose your baby 'cause you're just too blind to see,
Find yourself deep in sorrow, like it's your destiny,
If you wake up at midnight in the darkness all alone,
Then you'll know just what I mean, you let your deal go down.

(Repeat Refrain)

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