Dark Day      
Hear it!

BMI 4737899 Copyright 1998 by Bruce Jaeger / Sogo Music BMI
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "No One Else," 1999

Dark Day was the fairest maid in the land,
The handsome Wanata asked for her hand.
They married, and soon had a baby to share in their love.

As Wanata's importance grew in the tribe,
His friends they convinced him to take a new bride
To help in the duties of a rising your warrior's home.

Dark Day, you were the first one that I took into my life.
Dark Day, you should be happy that I took another wife!
You're the only one I love, oh why won't you believe me, Dark Day?

Dark Day begged Wanata not to take a new bride,
"I couldn't bear to see someone else by your side."
"Don't be foolish!" he said, "Besides--we were married this morn!"

Dark Day took her baby into her canoe,
Then close to the Falls of St. Anthony drew...
Singing her death song, she plunged over the wild waterfall.

(Repeat Refrain)

Long days and long nights they searched below the falls,
But no answers came back to their grief-stricken calls.
No trace of Dark Day or her baby would ever be found.

But when the cold of the morning brings mist to the ground,
You can hear Dark Day's cries as she paddles around,
Endlessly searching for the baby that with her was drowned.

(Repeat Refrain)

pf021775_falls_(tinted).jpg (20026 bytes)
St.Anthony Falls as they may have appeared in Dark Day's time

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