BMI 4823806 Copyright 1999 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "No One Else," 1999

Gardenia got married last Sunday
In a chapel in some little town,
To a guy that she met on the Greyhound
Who seemed to let his guard down.
Just why was sort of a mystery. It seemed the right thing to do.
There was something in the way he touched her that made her heart feel like new.

Now life's on a roll for Gardenia.
Each sunrise brings new hopes and dreams.
And love's growing strong as a late summer storm
Rolling up to the sky from the sea. Rolling up to the sky from the sea.

She left her mother last winter
When the wanderlust called out her name.
Her dad said he would do better,
But she knew he was playing a game.
So she started chasing the sunset with a vague plan to head for LA,
'Til this cowboy captured her fancy and she knew she was destined to stay.

(Repeat Refrain)

No one remembers Gardenia.
There weren't many who knew she was here,
But she could touch your soul deeply
And help you see your way clear.
If you should meet with Gardenia, be sure to greet her for me.
And tell that cowboy who loves her, there's no one as lucky as he.

(Repeat Refrain)

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