Gone Before She Left

BMI 5023640 Copyright 2001 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI
Album: None yet.

Looking down the empty hall, hoping she had changed her mind.
He's not sure if days had passed since his world had come apart.
When she finally left she said, "I can't believe I stayed this long."

She was gone long before she left. He never stood a chance.
He's just as shocked that she'd stayed so long, as that she now was gone.
He just stared, stunned by what he'd heard, though every word was true.

She had given him her best, asking only that he give a heart that's true.
She had taken all she could from a man who couldn't hope to find a clue.

That day was her fourth of July. It's been years since she felt so free.
She had seen it coming on, though she'd always hoped for the best.
The best is what she's found on her own, now she'll forgive the rest.
Yeah, she was gone long before she left.

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