Luther and Angie

BMI 4027602 Copyright 1997 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "Table for One," 2000

Luther did all the talking. Angie didn’t mind it that way.
Seems he always had an answer, seems it all worked out okay.
Then one day Angie said, "Luther, Adios I’m leaving you."
"On my way to find some meaning to all the pain you’ve put me through."

After all those nights alone and you didn’t have a clue.
If you’d given me a reason I would have worshiped you.
All those times you looked right through me, all the times you didn’t care,
And this loneliness I’m feeling is more than I can bear.

Luther said "You must be joking, look at all I’ve done for you.
"Fifteen years in that damn factory, how much more could one man do?
"I bought you everything you wanted I don’t run around or lie.
"How much more could I have given, how can you tell me good-bye?"

(Repeat Chorus)

Angie gently answered "Luther, it’s not you who was untrue.
"We were both so young and foolish, what was I supposed to do?
"I believed what they told me, but fairy tales don’t come true.
"Now I’ve got to be leaving, though it breaks my heart in two."

(Repeat Chorus)

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