My Luck has Changed

BMI 4354891 Copyright 1998 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "No One Else," 1999

You said you never would leave,
I said I'd try to believe my luck had changed.
But it's over and over and over again,
I look over my shoulder like a sailor fears he's drifting away from the shore.

Why did this happen to me?
Why did I happen to be the one you love?
I get lost in your gaze in the fire's dying glow,
Hear your heart gently beating, and know that I'm feeling a love that forever will grow.


Does the wonder of our lifetime love take your breath away?
I will be here always for you, my heart will lead the way.

All my illusions are gone.
No fairytale fantasies will lead me on.
But a love that is strong as an oak in a storm.
As we stand here together I know that no matter what comes, it can do us no harm.

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