Picture On The Wall

BMI 5023643 Copyright 2000 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI|
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "Table for One," 2000

She's an empty hook on the wall.
She's gone forever and not gone at all.
I see her smile in a passerby.
I want to hold her and ask her "why?"

Why did you leave us that way?
I wasn't ready to say goodbye.
Too soon it's too late, you're gone for good.
You know I'd change it if I only could.

And if wishes were horses, I'd ride.
And you'd be here by my side.
These lonely hours would just be memories
Of waiting for this day.

Why should my wishes help now?
I've finally learned to accept you're gone.
And then I swear I hear you laugh out loud.
It warms my heart like the morning sun.

But now you're a picture on the wall.
You'll live forever out in the hall.
And in our memories that will never fade
We'll never let you go away.

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