Table for One

BMI 2025849 Copyright 1995 by Mark Kreitzer / Harvest Hop Musik BMI
Album: Middle Spunk Creek Boys "Table for One," 2000

Give me a table for one. I’m gonna wait for the sun.
I got no reason to go, I got no wild oats to sow.
My baby’s left me and gone.
I’m gonna sit at this table just as long as I’m able.
Don’t tell me I’ve got to go, can’t be alone any more.
Give me a table for one.

I got no lock on the door. I don’t go home any more.
It’s all so empty and bare, it makes me crazy I swear, without the one I adore.
Nobody calls on the phone. I coulda changed if I’d known.
But now she’s broken my dreams, my life is over it seems,
Give me a table for one.

I tried to find an excuse, But I know it’s no use.
She saw me just as I am. I did the best that I can, but now my dreaming is done.
So find a seat to one side, and in the shadows I’ll hide.
I’ll just sit there and cry and watch the strangers pass by
At my table for one.

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