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Award-winning Bluegrass Music since 1968
50+++ Years of Performing
Members of the MN Rock & Country Hall of Fame

Laughing Waters Bluegrass Festival

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Alan Jesperson  1947-2021

Middle Spunk Creek Boys founder, guitarist and lead singer Alan Jesperson passed away unexpectedly at his home on Thursday December 30th, 2021.  He was 74.  The band is (for the present, at least) no longer performing.


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Laughing Waters Bluegrass Festival



What's this "Middle Spunk" all about, anyway?

Okay, our first banjo player Ron Colby lived in Alexandria, and passed the "Middle Spunk Creek" highway sign on I-94 quite a bit. (He later played with our friends The Platte Valley Boys.)

When the band was formed in 1968, Ron thought "The Middle Spunk Creek Boys" would make a pretty good band name. At least it's been a pretty long-lived band name!   

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