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Introducing the Middle Spunk Creek Boys
Booking Information
Members of the Middle Spunk Creek Boys

Booking Information

Thank you for your interest in the Middle Spunk Creek Boys bluegrass band!

Our "performance coordinator" (the guy you have to dicker with) is:
    Alan Jesperson
    5721 39th Avenue S.
    Minneapolis, MN 55417
    (612) 727-2489 • (612) 821-4821 (Fax)

Also check the Schedule page to see if we're available.


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Members of the Middle Spunk Creek Boys

     Joel Olson               Alan Jesperson        Janine Kemmer              Bruce Jaeger
  • Born in Texas but fully cured, Joel and Bruce are pretty evenly matched in the goofy department.  He's a swell banjo player and singer.
  • Alan Jesperson (guitar) is one of the band’s founding fathers. A distinctive lead singer and guitarist, Al can take considerable credit for the popularity of Bluegrass music in Minnesota. Alan is also nationally known in the antique radio field (particularly Zeniths). Visit Great Northern Antiques.
  • Janine Kemmer is one helluva singer.  We're proud to have her as the second non-boy Boy in the band's 45+ year history!
  • Bruce Jaeger plays the mandolin and fiddle, and sings any parts from bass to tenor. He's got a few songs in the Creek Boys repertoire, too. Visit Bruce's Web Site.

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